Mental Health And Behavioral Health Services

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Book a telehealth appointment with a Behavioral Health provider! This request form is for non-urgent appointments only. For emergencies, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency department.

Your mental and behavioral health needs play a key role in your overall health and well-being.

CalOptima Health takes an integrated approach to meet your mental, behavioral and physical health needs to better serve you. CalOptima Health works with a network of primary care providers and licensed mental and behavioral health providers to make sure you get quality health care services.

Covered benefits for members include but are not limited to:

Mental health services:

  • Outpatient psychotherapy (individual, family and group therapy)
  • Psychological testing to evaluate a mental health condition
  • Outpatient services that include lab work, drugs and supplies
  • Outpatient services for the purposes of monitoring drug therapy
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Dyadic Services

Behavioral Health Treatment (BHT) for members under the age of 21:

Substance use services:

For more information or help with mental health or behavioral health treatment, call the CalOptima Health Behavioral Health line toll-free at 1-855-877-3885 (TTY 711), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have staff who speak your language.

If you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, call 911.

Mental Health Crisis Lines:

  • Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: Call or text 988
  • The OC Warmline (NAMIOC for Orange County residents only): call or text 1-714-991-6412

Mental and Behavioral Health Resources

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