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You can be active with as little as 5 minutes of walking a day


Why Should You Exercise?

  • It helps you lose or maintain your weight

  • It makes your heart and bones stronger

Ask Your Doctor…

  • How much exercise should I do each day and each week?

  • What type of exercise should I do?

  • What activities should I not do?

Set Goals

  • What goals do you have for yourself?

  • Write down your goals, and put them where you can see them

Choose a Time

  • Exercise at the same time of day so it becomes a habit

  • Wait at least 1 hour after eating a meal before you exercise

Check the Weather

  • Avoid going outdoors when it is warmer than 80 degrees, or on high smog days

  • When outdoors, protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen, hats, etc.

Start Slowly

  • Move at a pace that feels good to you

  • You can be active with as little as 5 minutes of walking a day

Warm Up/Cool Down

  • Always warm up: stretch for 5 minutes before an activity

  • Always cool down: stretch for 5-10 minutes after an activity

Drink Water

  • Drink water before, during, and after being active

  • Always check with your doctor, because some people need to limit how much water they drink

Get a Buddy

  • Try being active with partners, friends, or neighbors

  • You will be more likely to enjoy your workout and stick to it

Have Fun

  • Choose activities that you enjoy, such as tending your garden, dancing, bowling, or walking your dog

Tip: Stop exercising if you have pain, shortness of breath, or feel dizzy. Call your doctor if these feelings continue.

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