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Injury Prevention

Injuries affect people of all ages.

Injury Prevention

Injuries affect people of all ages, from infants to older adults, but can be prevented. Common leading causes of injuries include drowning, falls, fires, and poisoning. One way to make sure that you and your family are safe is to prepare before the injury takes place. You can prevent injuries at home and at play if you:

  • Use the right protective gear for activity, such as helmets, wrist guards, knee or elbow pads.

  • Pay attention to children at swimming pools and other water body areas.

  • Avoid using sports equipment with missing or broken buckles or compressed or worn padding.

  • Do not leave pots unattended when cooking.

  • Keep all chemicals including cleaning solutions away from children.

  • Wear appropriate shoes for the type of environment you are in.

  • Walk in clear paths where you can see your steps.

  • Use handrail when going up and down the staircases.

For more information on injury prevention you can visit the Center for Disease Control at

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