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Community Supports

CalOptima Health recognizes that health outcomes are greatly influenced by social factors and has committed to offering all 14 Community Supports by partnering with community-based providers. These services are geared for the most vulnerable populations and include the following:

Recuperative care (medical respite)

Recuperative care (medical respite) is short-term housing for individuals experiencing homelessness who are healing from an injury or illness and could benefit from medical oversight while completing their recovery.

Housing transition navigation services

Housing transition navigation services assist individuals in obtaining permanent housing. This includes working with a housing navigator to provide support through the housing identification and application process, benefits advocacy, and resource connections.

Housing deposits

Housing deposits assist with identifying, coordinating, securing or funding one-time services and modifications that help someone establish a new home.

Housing tenancy and sustaining services

Housing tenancy and sustaining services connect individuals with the support they need to maintain their permanent home, which may include coaching, assistance with landlord concerns and early intervention services.

Short-term post-hospitalization housing

Short-term post-hospitalization housing provides longer-term housing for members who are experiencing homelessness and have a medical or behavioral health need. This service not only assists in recovery but also gives members time to identify and move into a permanent home.

Day habilitation programs

Day habilitation programs provide individuals with the skills needed to successfully operate in the community setting, such as developing interpersonal relationships, building daily living skills and using public transportation.

Sobering centers

Sobering centers are an alternate destination for individuals found to be publicly intoxicated and provide a safe, supportive environment to become sober.

Medically tailored meals/medically supportive food

Medically tailored meals/medically supportive food is a service that provides direct food assistance and educational support through the delivery of nutritious meals and groceries to individuals with chronic health conditions.

Personal care and homemaker services

Personal care and homemaker services provide for individuals who need support with activities of daily living so that they can continue living independently at home. Typically, this works in tandem with in-home supportive services also provided through Medi-Cal.

Respite services

Respite services provide much-needed relief and support to caregivers of members who require supervision. These services can be provided in or outside the home and enable caregivers to take a break from their ongoing duties.

Nursing facility transition/diversion to assisted living facilities

Nursing facility transition/diversion to assisted living facilities provides supportive services so individuals can move back into a home-like community setting or avoid long-term placement in a nursing facility.

Community transition services/nursing facility transition to a home

Community transition services/nursing facility transition to a home provides supportive services and modifications so individuals can move from a nursing facility back into a private residence.

Environmental accessibility adaptations (home modifications)

Environmental accessibility adaptations (home modifications) provide funding for physical adaptations that make it possible for a person to safely continue living independently at home.

Asthma remediation

Asthma remediation provides for physical modifications to a home environment to ensure an individual can continue to live there safely and avoid acute asthma episodes.

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