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The Provider Advisory Committee (PAC) has 15 voting members, each representing an essential component of the health care delivery system. CalOptima Health doesn’t serve our members alone, and we rely on this diverse community of provider partners. The PAC includes seats for allied health services providers, behavioral/mental health providers, community health centers, health networks, hospitals, long-term services and supports providers, nurses, non-physician medical practitioners, physicians, pharmacists, safety net providers and a representative from the Orange County Health Care Agency.

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For more information about the Provider Advisory Committee, please call 714-347-5785.

Recruitment has been extended to April 19, 2024.

See application below:

PAC members See who’s on CalOptima Health’s Provider Advisory Committee

Provider Advisory Committee (PAC) Application CalOptima Health is seeking candidates to participate on the PAC. Service on the PAC is voluntary, with no salary. The following three-year seats are available beginning July 1, 2024:

  • Allied Health Representative

  • Behavioral Health/Mental Health Representative

  • Health Network Representative

  • Nurse Representative

  • Physician Representative (Fulfills an existing term through 2025)

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