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With advice from outside experts, CalOptima carefully manages investments to ensure access to resources and financial stability. The Board of Directors Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) brings knowledge from the commercial banking, financial accounting, financial management and investment brokerage fields. The committee meets quarterly throughout the fiscal year.

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Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) Application CalOptima Health is seeking candidates to serve as Representatives on its IAC
Applicants should be legal residents of, or employed in, Orange County and have substantial education and management experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Investment Banking

  • Investment Brokerage and Sales

  • Investment Management

  • Safety Net Representative

  • Financial Management and Planning

  • Financial Accounting

  • Other relevant experience, such as service as a member of a board of directors, or of a finance, audit, or investment committee of a government agency, or of a not-for-profit or health care-related organization.

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