Provider Trainings

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Assisting Members with Advance Directives: What Providers Need to Know  Tips for providing members with Advance Directives.

Authorization Modification / Change Requests from Providers  Understand the process of Prior Authorization modifications.

California COVID-19 Therapeutics Best Practices Toolkit  Guidance and recommendations for providers integrating COVID–19 treatments into routine health services.

Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) online training  Understand how to register, verify eligibility, request prior authorizations and more for CBAS members.

Dementia Care Aware Provider Training The Dementia Care Aware program offers ways for providers and primary care teams to receive training on the cognitive health assessment and other relevant dementia care topics.

Improving patient satisfaction in the medical office training  Tips to improve the patient experience in your office.

Medi-Cal Annual Wellness Visits   Understand the Medi-Cal Annual Wellness Visit Program

Medi-Cal Annual Wellness Visit Provider Attestation  Download, complete and obtain information about the Annual Wellness Visit Provider Attestation

Medi-Cal Annual Wellness Visit Program FAQ  Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Annual Wellness Visit Program

Medi-Cal for Kids & Teens Provider Training  Training program to increase understanding and awareness of Medi-Cal for Kids & Teens among Medi-Cal managed care plan-enrolled providers.

Screen and Intervene: A Toolkit for Pediatricians to Address Food Insecurity  Tips for pediatricians to address food insecurity for members.

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Provider Trainings
  • Trainings by Topic
    View the latest model of care and other educational materials designed to help you and your staff provide care for CalOptima Health members.

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