Services Provided By A Different Agency

Services Provided By A Different Agency

Certain services are not covered by CalOptima, but may be provided by a different agency. These services include, but are not limited to:

Service Not Covered:

Who To Contact:

California Children's Services Program:

California Children's Services Program:


Dental Services:



Family Empowerment Center and Family Resource Centers:

Click Here for a description of these centers and contact information.

Services Provided By Any Federal Or State Hospital For The Developmentally Disabled Or Mentally Ill:

Regional Center of Orange County:

East/Central Office:


North Area Office:


West Area Office:


South Area Office:


Services To Assist With Alcohol And Drug Problems:

Orange County Health Care Agency Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration:


Short Doyle/Medi-Cal And Medi-Cal Mental Health Services:

Including outpatient mental health services provided by mental health professionals and psychiatric inpatient services.

Orange County Mental Health Plan:


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