Mental Health

Don't Let Labels Define You

Treatment for Depression Is Available

Talk to Your Doctor

Feeling sad at times is a normal part of life. But when feelings of sadness last for more than a few weeks and daily activities become hard for you to do, you may have depression. Depression is common and can affect your thoughts, mood, health and day-to-day activities.

Each person is unique and can have different symptoms, which may include:

  • Feeling sad

  • Loss of interest in activities

  • Weight loss or weight gain

  • Sleeping too much or too little

  • Loss of energy or low energy

  • Feeling sick with no other health reasons

  • Trouble thinking or making choices

  • Feeling worthless

  • Thoughts of not wanting to live

You can get treatment for depression. The first step is for you to talk with your doctor and/or a behavioral health professional. Treatment can include medication and talk therapy. If you use medications, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions about how, when and how much to take. Continue taking your medicine unless your doctor tells you to stop. Depression is treatable, and you can get better if you meet with your doctor and/or a behavioral health professional often and talk about your plan of care.

Behavioral health services are available to CalOptima members. CalOptima members can call the CalOptima Behavioral Health phone line, toll-free, at 1-855-877-3885 to access behavioral health services. TDD/TTY users can call toll-free at 1-800-735-2929.

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