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Additional Community Grant Opportunities

In early 2018, CalOptima announced $17.7 million in grant opportunities that are currently being evaluated for awards in 2019. CalOptima is proud to provide additional dollars to Orange County. These community health grants must provide services to CalOptima members, but they cannot be used for Medi-Cal contracted services.

We are pleased to announce that the opportunity for an additional $3.4 million in community health grants is now open in the following areas:

1. Access to Children’s Dental Services (RFP5-18-01)

CalOptima is awarding up to $1 million for children’s dental services program(s) that provides mobile dental outreach at schools with preventative, restorative treatment/services as well as outreach and education for examination, screenings, resources, etc. Program should assist children/families with establishing a dental home close to their home for emergency and regular dental care. In addition to dental services, there should be integration with medical care for early childhood through referral for well-check visits.

2. Primary Care Services and Programs Addressing Social Determinants of Health (School-Based Collaborative with Clinics) (RFP5-18-02)

CalOptima is awarding up to $1.4 million for primary care services and programs addressing social determinants of health. Programs should establish and/or operate school-based wellness center(s) where family, staff and community partners collaborate to align resources. There should be partnerships or connections to health clinic(s) that allow for intake of school referrals and follow-up care. In addition to addressing children’s needs for primary care services, social needs should also be considered, and children should be linked to the services they need.

3. Adult Dental Services (RFP5-18-03)

CalOptima is awarding up to $1 million for adult dental services program(s) that expand availability of dental services/treatment at health center(s) and/or mobile units with medical care integration for comprehensive health care. Program should ensure provider/staff capacity to perform assessment and restorative dental services. Dental services should also expand in nontraditional evening and weekend hours while helping CalOptima members get linked to community clinics/resources for specialized dental care.

The IGT 5 RFP application period is now closed. RFP responses were due on February 13, 2019.

Written questions regarding the RFPs were due on December 26, 2018.

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