Community Grants

Community Grant Opportunities

CalOptima is proud to provide dollars to the community through our Intergovernmental Transfer (IGT) program. Over the past six years, IGT funds have made a significant impact on the health of our Medi-Cal members, and now two additional IGT community grant opportunities are available — IGT 5 and IGT 6/7. The grants must provide services to CalOptima members, but they cannot be used for Medi-Cal contracted services.

We are pleased to announce that the opportunity for $17.7 million in IGT 6/7 grants is now open!

IGT 6/7

Click below to view details about the three priority areas to consider in responding to the RFPs and to apply:

ALL RFP RESPONSES ARE DUE NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 1, 2018 AT 5pm (PDT)! Written questions regarding the RFPs were due on Sunday, September 30th.

RFPs are forthcoming for IGT 5 grant funds in the areas of Adult Mental Health, Children’s Health, Children’s Mental Health, Childhood Obesity, and Strengthening the Safety Net. Additional communication will be distributed once IGT 5 RFPs are ready for release.

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