Culture Of Service

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The Community Is Our Passion

Our culture of service drives us to participate in projects and activities to help improve the community and enrich the lives of our members. We’re proud of the many compliments we receive about the outstanding service our employees provide and the work we do in the community.

Our emphasis is on service. Every day, our members call on us to help them navigate a confusing health care system. Our caring service is the key to getting them the care they need. Service doesn’t end with our members; our customers may be physicians, medical offices, fellow employees or the communities where we live and work.

Community Involvement

Every year, we participate in more than 200 community events, such as health fairs, workshops, provider events and conferences, as well as more than 25 committees and coalitions in the community.

Support of Local Organizations

Our Employee Activities Committee helps us to support several local non-profit organizations.


We encourage our employees to support volunteerism. So you might see our employees serving food to the homeless at the local armory or participating in an annual weekend retreat for families who have children with special needs.

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