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Seniors and Persons with Disabilities


To help seniors and persons with disabilities (SPD).

Accommodation Checklist Download PDF Icon Identify member’s disabilities that may physically limit access to health care, communicate effectively or follow directions given by providers.

Americans with Disabilties Act (ADA) questions and answers Download PDF Icon Understand requirements of the ADA when providing care to our members.

CalOptima's Cultural & Linguistics Services Minimum Requirements Download PDF Icon Understand requirements of the ADA when providing care to our members.

Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP) Learn about this phone service to access communication resources for deaf and disabled members.

Definitions Download PDF Icon Definitions for competency, cultural awareness and sensitivity for SPD training.

Disability etiquette Download PDF Icon Learn how to communicate and interact respectfully with people who have disabilities.

How to Access Interpreter Services Download PDF Icon Please follow these instructions to request and access interpreter services.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Authorization Form Download PDF Icon To request an authorization for non-emergency medical transportation.

10 Skills for Empathetic Listening Download PDF Icon Skills needed to become an effective listener.

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