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查詢醫生或專科醫生 您可以根據姓名,醫療網,城市,語言和其他線索進行搜索。

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查詢行為健康服務者 行為健康醫療服者,如心理學家,精神病學家等。

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與行為健康服務者預約 一個遠距醫療的預約! 此申請表僅適用於非緊急預約。 如有緊急情況, 請致電 911 或前往最近的急診室。

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查詢視力保健服務者 根據姓名或地區搜索眼科醫生,諸如眼科專家或驗光醫師。

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查詢醫院或設施 設施指諸如長期護理機構,化驗室和照映中心等。您還可以查詢社區成年人服務中心 (CBAS), 醫療和非醫療交通服務及其它。

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查找緊急護理 緊急護理是指您在24小時內需要的護理,但它並非急診或有生命危險的情況。

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查找藥房 在DHCS Medi-Cal Rx網站上查找藥房,搜索合約藥物清單等。

CalOptima Health’s Delegation Model

CalOptima Health works with many subcontractors, including doctors, specialists, pharmacies, hospitals, health networks, medical groups and other health care providers. Subcontractors may be assigned to perform certain tasks on behalf of CalOptima Health. We work together with our subcontractors to determine which functions will be their responsibility and which will remain with CalOptima Health. The tasks could include authorizations, billing, provider credentialing, coordinating medical appointments or other operational functions. CalOptima Health conducts quality assessments of all subcontracted providers to ensure members can see the providers they need for quality care in locations that are easy to access.

Your primary care provider (PCP) will refer you to specialists and services connected with their medical group, health network or with CalOptima Health. If you are going to a specialist already, talk with your PCP or call CalOptima Health Customer Service at 1-888-587-8088 (TTY 711). Customer Service will help you see that provider if you are eligible for continuity of care. For more information, go to the section in the member handbook.

Subcontractor and Downstream Subcontractor Certification Report

請致電以下 CalOptima 的客戶服務部門,如果您有疑問或需要幫助查詢醫療服務者。

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