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To support healthy pregnancies, CalOptima encourages our members to attend all prenatal appointments and start prenatal care early. To support good perinatal care for members, we implemented the Bright Steps program (BSP). The BSP is notified of pregnancies primarily through our providers with the Pregnancy Notification Report (PNR). To streamline the notification process, it is essential all providers providing care to pregnant CalOptima members submit a complete and accurate PNR to CalOptima within five days of the initial prenatal visit. Common form resources.

Once CalOptima is notified of a pregnancy, the BSP team outreaches to these members to offer telephonic services. These services include nutrition education, health education, support services, and referrals or resources to local programs, as needed. The program is comprised of trimester and postpartum calls and mailed educational materials. If you are an approved provider for the Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP), these services are done at your office and BSP will check in with the member close to and after delivery. For more information on becoming an approved CPSP provider, visit

Bright Steps Program  Learn more about the Bright Steps Program.

Doula Information for Medical Providers

Did you know that a doula can support the work you do with pregnant patients by providing non-medical support? Read below for answers to frequently asked questions about doula services or call CalOptima Health’s Provider Relations department at 714-246-8600.

Does a member receiving doula services impact provider services/billing claims?
No. Doula services are a separate benefit to CalOptima Health Medi-Cal members and have no impact on medical provider billing services.

What documentation is required from providers for a member to obtain doula services?
A written recommendation. The recommending licensed provider does not need to be enrolled in Medi-Cal or be a network provider within the beneficiary’s managed care plan. The initial recommendation can be provided through the following methods:

  • تسكن في مقاطعة أورانج
  • يكون لديك Medicare أجزاء، A، B و D
  • or a standard form signed by a licensed provider that a beneficiary can provide to a doula. CalOptima Health has developed the following recommendation template

What is the benefit of my members having a doula?
Members will be provided with evidence-based support services outside of the typical medical services. Doula services are aimed at preventing perinatal complications and improving health outcomes for birthing people and infants. If members choose, doulas are a great option to offer additional support during and after pregnancy.

Information for Doula Providers

How can doulas become eligible and approved to provide services under Medi-Cal?
Doulas should refer to the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)
program guidelines and requirements for information on becoming certified and qualified to provide doula services under Medi-Cal.

Step 1 Doulas must use the DHCS Provider Application and Validation for Enrollment (PAVE) portal to submit their Medi-Cal enrollment application. Additional requirements include completing training programs and/or meeting specific experience and education requirements and complying with program standards and regulations. Additionally, all doulas must be at least 18 years old, have a current CPR certification and have completed Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training prior to enrollment.

Step 2 To provide services to a CalOptima member in Orange County, doulas will need to contract with CalOptima Health and its delegated health networks. For information on contracting with CalOptima Health, please contact  

What Doula services are covered?
An initial visit, up to eight additional visits in any combination of prenatal and postpartum, support during labor and delivery, and up to two extended postpartum visits.

What services are not covered?
Belly binding, birthing ceremonies, group classes on babywearing, massage, photography, placenta encapsulation, shopping, vaginal steams and yoga. Additionally, doula services do not include diagnosis of medical conditions, medical advice or any type of clinical exams or procedures.

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