Member Health Needs Assessment

CalOptima Member Health Needs Assessment

In summer and fall 2017, more than 6,000 CalOptima members, service providers and community representatives participated in one of the most extensive and inclusive member health needs assessment (MHNA) undertaken by CalOptima in its 20-plus year history. The MHNA provides data critical to ensuring that CalOptima can continue to address the challenges faced by its members and meet its mission to provide members with access to quality health care services delivered in a cost-effective and compassionate manner.

CalOptima’s comprehensive MHNA is an innovative collaboration that builds upon existing data-gathering efforts and takes them a step further. The study was designed to be a more comprehensive assessment, using engaging methods that resulted in a much more personal experience for our members and the community. The MHNA captures the unique and specific needs of Medi-Cal beneficiaries from an array of perspectives, including providers, community leaders and, most importantly, the members themselves.

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