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We welcome you to learn more about us and our great work experience.

Click the “Find Your Ideal Job At CalOptima” link to view our current job openings.

We invite you to explore our website and discover our rich benefits, accomplishments and employee testimonials about their experience working at CalOptima.

Working At CalOptima

When you're looking for a job, you're looking for a place to grow, contribute and excel. You’re looking for a place where you're connected to something meaningful. At CalOptima, we believe a job shouldn’t be just "where you work." We want your experience here to be much more than a paycheck.

We're an organization with more than 900 employees committed to serving our members and providing them with access to high quality health services. We are dedicated to providing our members with outstanding service each and every day. Our service-centered culture is created by hiring like-minded, mission-oriented people, then placing them in a compassionate and caring environment.

At CalOptima, "Better. Together." isn’t just a tag line, it’s how we work. We understand the connection between satisfied employees and satisfied members, and we go to great lengths to appreciate our talented staff. We have been recognized as one of Orange County's best places to work, so we know there is something very special about CalOptima. It’s why our employees choose to work here and why they choose to stay.

CalOptima is the kind of employer that attracts and retains great talent. We understand we must create a welcoming and supportive culture in order to do this. Our efforts to create a positive and effective workplace are recognized with frequent workplace awards.

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