How The Members of the Board of Directors Are Chosen

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A Board that Reflects
Our Community

The CalOptima Board of Directors is made up of nine (9) voting members and one (1) non-voting member, including:

  1. Two (2) members of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, with one (1) additional Board of Supervisors member to serve as an alternate

  2. One (1) person who is a current or former hospital administrator

  3. One (1) who represents community clinics

  4. One (1) member of the public who is a legal resident of Orange County

  5. One (1) person who is a licensed medical provider in current practice (not affiliated with an IPA or Health Network)

  6. One (1) person who is a current CalOptima member or family member of a CalOptima member

  7. One (1) person who is a professional in accounting/public finance or an actively-licensed attorney

  8. One (1) person who is a licensed physician in current practice and representative of a contacted IPA or Health Network

  9. The Director of the Health Care Agency (Non-voting member)

Members of the CalOptima Board of Directors are selected through a nomination process coordinated through the Orange County Health Care Agency. The Health Care Agency conducts a vetting process and presents recommendations to the Orange County Board of Supervisors who make the final appointment(s).

Requirements To Be A Board Member

The requirements to be a member of the CalOptima Board of Directors include:

  • Board members must either reside or work in Orange County

  • Board members should have prior board experience and knowledge of the Orange County health care delivery system

  • Board members should understand management principles for large organizations, including fiscal requirements, risk and incentives, complex business enterprise planning, development and implementation, intergovernmental and community relations
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