Board Meeting Archive

August 4, 2016 Meeting

Couldn't attend in person? Listen to audio from CalOptima's Board of Directors meeting!

Note: This is a reposting of the live stream from the August 4th, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting. The meeting starts approximately 19:30 into the stream.

System requirements

Live audio from CalOptima Board Meetings is streamed via YouTube. In order to listen live, make sure you have the most up-to-date browser and a good Internet connection:

  • Most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera
  • Internet connection with 500+ Kbps

If you have an older browser or operating system, you will need the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player.

Live streamed events require a faster connection and greater processing power to ensure optimal streaming speeds. Here's what you may need:

  • Most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari
  • Operating system: Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.7+, Ubuntu 10+ or Linux OS 11+ (64-bit)
  • Internet connection with 1+ Mbps

It can help to close other tabs, browsers and programs while streaming your content. It may also help to hardwire your Internet connection, instead of using a wireless network connection.

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